Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Join Edible Kent

Welcome to Edible Kent! Please check out our mission and aims to read about the new initiative we are trying to enact in Kent, Ohio. 

Mission:  Using existing ornamental plots, open green space, and tree lawns; we will build the Kent community by offering edible, creative spaces that promote sustainable food production.

Aims of Edible Kent: 
  • To promote and develop a culture of and opportunities for growing organic food, cooking, and sourcing local products
  • To develop whole community skills in growing and cooking local produce through workshops
  • Involve area restaurants and businesses with a “no waste” mindset and encourage them to use the local produce at their establishment
  • Use the arts to promote interest in sustainable food production 
  • Empower and inspire the next generation through creativity and sustainability
  • Start a community compost program for the gardens 
If this sounds like something you would like to be part of, please email ediblekent@gmail.com to request a copy of the survey we are currently offering community members to vote on what they want to see growing.

We will keep this blog updated with fun facts, projects, and what Edible Kent is up to. Be sure to check back and hear more!

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