Friday, August 16, 2013

Haymaker Farmers' Market

On Saturday, August 10th Edible Kent set up their first stand at the Haymaker Farmers' Market to survey area residents on what they would like to see growing in the future "help yourself" gardens. Since Edible Kent hopes to be a community initiative, with a public presence, that's framed around residents' needs, we wanted to gather some data from community members and hear from everyone who was willing to fill out our survey.

After only four hours at the farmers' market, Edible Kent collected 150 surveys from visitors! We aren't sure if it was the fresh veggies (donated from farmers at the market), the mint tea, or our lovely volunteers (courtesy of the Kent Community TimeBank) that kept people coming; but we would like to thank everyone who participated. We would also like to thank our lovely volunteers, including: Debra-Lynn, who provided her photographic talents and took amazing shots of our stand; Stephanie, the master gardener and communicator, who kept people coming to fill out surveys; Lisa, one of the founders of Edible Kent and a great person to have around when people ask the "tough" questions; Jennifer, who kept the samples full at all times and provided lots of positive energy; Vince, who painted our Edible Kent banner; and Jeff, who let us borrow his tent and table for this event. We also owe a huge thanks to Kelly Ferry, of the Haymaker Farmers' Market and another Edible Kent founder, who gave us space for our stand and provided support throughout the day.

We haven't decided if another trip to the market is in the cards, but we do hope you keep checking back for updates on this cause. There was so much positive feedback Saturday. We are filled with hope and excitement that Edible Kent will become a reality.

Photo by: Debra-Lynn Hook
Photo by: Debra-Lynn Hook

Lisa, being a good sport as we get some shots of our stand at the market

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